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Here are some frequently asked questions as posed by you, our valuable clients.


You will receive a rules sheet upon booking with us.  Please make copies for all who will be attending your units, make sure they read and sign all docs.  State law requires a knowledgeable attendant to be at the entrance of the unit at any time it is in operation.  Some units require more than one attendant so be sure and read all rules sheets and make sure all riders comply with all rules.  If you need our office to provide an attendant we are happy to do so with at least 48hrs notice.

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Our drivers will arrive at you event in plenty of time to properly set up all of your equipment and then be out of the way for your event to begin. If you have a Jupiter Jump rental it typically takes about 15 min to have you ready to go, please do not expect us any sooner. If you have multiple pieces, we will arrive at the appropriate time to have all equipment set up and ready to go. We will not use your event time for set up or break down.

The safest surface to set up on is grass. We can properly stake units in grass. If we are going to set up on a surface that is not grass we must know so we can bring the proper equipment to set up your unit in the safest manner possible. We must be within 100ft of a 110 outlet. Our drivers will have the electric cords they need to power up our equipment. We cannot use your electrical cords. If we are going to be setting up at a point that is farther than 100 ft you can rent a generator or we can rent one for you. Please discuss this with our knowledgeable staff so that we can make sure you have all the power you need on site.

We do not guarantee electricity at your facility. If electricity is not available or fully functional you will still be charged in full for your event. Also our drivers will not spend extra time helping you with your electrical problems if they have to make it to another rental. Please make sure all electrical issues are handled before event date….this lowers everyone’s stress level. Our staff wants your event to be a huge success.


What we offer is called a Rain Waiver (listed as DWC on your contract) and it is a mini insurance policy. The Rain Waiver costs 5% of your total bill. The Rain Waiver must be purchased at the time you rent with us and is Non-Refundable. In the event of rain, excessive wind speeds (15-20 miles per hour.) or temps below 30 degrees, AT A COUPLE OF HOURS PRIOR TO PARTY TIME we will not be able to do your rental. You will receive a refund of your money if the Rain Waiver is in place. If it is not in place you have a year to reschedule your event barring any major holidays and their surrounding weekends. You get ONE reschedule date only.

IMPORTANT: Once rental items are set up, there will be NO refund or rescheduling of the event, regardless of changes in the weather situation.

If a family emergency occurs you will have a year to reschedule your event barring any major holidays or their surrounding weekends.

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